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The holistic approach

You do not need a diagnosis, if you believe that you are menopausal or perimenopausal then this is for you. 

Emotional Wellbeing Support Sessions

I offer talking therapy and counselling that can consist of one or more sessions. This can be so useful to put into context how your feeling. Many women don't realise that according to the NICE guidelines there are at least 37 symptoms of the menopause/perimenopause.

We can talk about how it affects your daily life from relationships, work, anxiety, self esteem and the physical impact it can have on your body and some of the hormone reasons behind it. Remember, its not your fault it actually is your hormones.

Are you thinking of HRT but worried and confused about it? I will support you with your journey. 

We can discuss some holistic approaches that might benefit you, such as relaxation and the different ways to do this.

There just isn't enough understanding out there on this issue, especially within the medical profession and this needs to change.


One of the biggest differences to women going through this life changing experience is talking about it. I will support and listen to you.

Sessions are online or in person.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.